Artists are leaders in establishing that the celebration and inclusion of our differences makes us all stronger, enriched and more beautiful. Fostering creativity, productivity and authentic representation of all individuals is of paramount importance. The communities in which we live and our classrooms are increasingly more diverse. Our stages need to look more like our classrooms and communities. Within each organization for whom I work, I passionately advocate for the thoughtful re-imagining of roles in our mainstream productions to include our BIPOC and trans/non-binary artists.


Founder, Priscilla Bagley

I hold a Masters degree with Honors in Music History and Literature and a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance and have over 25 years of teaching experience working with professionals, in performing arts programs, privately and at the collegiate level. My continued pursuit of professional growth has led to ongoing participation in The Voice Foundation's International Symposium for the Care of the Professional Voice, Lincoln Center Education Teaching Artist development intensives, NATS and many professional organizations, workshops, seminars and webinars. I am on the Metropolitan Opera National Council Executive Committee, a NATS National Musical Theatre Competition adjudicator, and a Roger Rees (JIMMYs) adjudicator.

I have always taken partnering with my clients in achieving their goals very seriously. Some of our most recent accomplishments include Grammy winners, Tony winners, Metropolitan Opera National Council winners, as well as television and film musical leads.

I have worked with artists in the recording industry since 1998 and have had the honor of encouraging the inclusion of global music and the melding of diverse musical styles across genres. Artists still lead the way in showing that the celebration and inclusion of our differences makes us stronger and more beautiful. I continue to advocate for the thoughtful re-imagining of roles within the mainstream cannon to allow better representation and opportunities for our trans/non-binary performing artists.

The importance of voice science and its application to the elite vocal athlete of any genre and Contemporary Commercial Music specifically, motivated me to help form a multidisciplinary Voice Care Team (ENT, SLP, Singing Voice Specialist-SLP and Vocal Technician) in order to continue applying 21st century knowledge to a healthy and functional singing technique. I am equally comfortable helping artists interpret opera arias, art songs, classic and contemporary musical theatre pieces, cabaret songs, jazz standards or pop songs of any genre or decade.